Thursday, December 15, 2016
RSCRYPTO Announces Partnership with SMI

China, December 15th, 2016: RSCRYPTO, a pioneer in Conditional Access SecurityCAS, today announced partnership with SypherMedia International (SMI), a security technology company specializing in secure SoC BlackBox Programming and Key Management Systems.

RSCRYPTO plans to present a new generation CAS-PHI CAS, in first quarter of 2017, which enables operators to take control of their own security. As an Independent Trust Authority, SMI is to manage the keys for operators.

In the meanwhile, RSCRYPTO also announces Security inside alliance program, welcoming Pay TV Operators, CAS vendors, Chipset vendors, STB Vendors, TV set vendors which are interested in securely replaceable CAS.

It has been a common and long standing way for CAS vendors to sell smartcard and charge a device royalty, for a daily content protection service. Most of the time, operators are locked into the technology ecosystem, such as STB, Chipset, middleware, DRM, once CAS vendor chosen. Said Levent Le, COO and CO-Founder of RSCRYPTO, We believe it is the right time for operators to break free of CAS vendor lock-in, not only each operator would be more flexible and innovative to pick software and hardware suppliers and drive down the CAPEX, but also it benefits the whole DVB industry for network migration as more and more consolidations & mergers happen nowadays. Our PHI CAS, industry first, encourages replacement of our own CAS if not satisfied by operator, plus an innovative monthly service business model. And we are pleased to present this new solution to the industry with SMI”.

SMI has been focusing on media security since 2003, with broad strategic partnerships with global chip vendors. We are the largest third party custom chip programmer in the world with over 60 customers. Our SypherSignature Key Management and BlackBox Programming System solution has been market proven with many custom CAS cases, audited and approved by Farncombe (Security Architecture best in class), Merdan, and ISE. Said Dr. Ron Cocchi, CTO of SMI Our security chip programming has been implemented on multiple chip manufacturing lines such as (listed in Alphabetical Order) ALi, Broadcom, Hisilicon, Intel, MaxLinear, Montage, MStar, Novatek, Socionext, Sigma Designs, ST Microelectronics and ViXS Systems, which enable fast to market product development with diversity. We are happy to co-promote replaceable CAS concept, with RSCRYPTO and any other CAS vendors”.

“SMI has been a pioneer in the area of Key independence for Operators since our inception and we welcome adding RSCRYPTO to our ever-growing list of partners who share this same vision” Dennis Flaharty, President and CEO of SMI.


RSCRYPTO is a technology innovator in Pay TV industry. Philosophy of our core solution PHI CAS(Conditional Access System): Security as a Tool, Security as a Service.
Via independent third party Key and Credential service authority, PHI CAS is empowering operator, technically replace if not satisfied, commercially Pay as you use. No Security compromise as hardware security from SOC level stays same. PHI CAS supports Cardless, Advanced security, Bi way, Replaceable.

RSCRYPTO is headquartered in Chengdu, China.

About SypherMedia International

SypherMedia International (SMI) is a security technology company specializing in cutting edge technology to develop comprehensive security solutions for your customers. Security solutions developed by SMI protect tens of billions of dollars of commerce annually.
SMI develops and licenses innovative security technologies in the fields of reverse engineering protection, anti-cloning protection, secure BlackBox programming and Key Management Systems, network security solutions, and a range of Pay TV and content protection products. In addition to these products and services SMI offers security evaluations at the silicon level, system level including software vulnerabilities of customer’s products and third party products our customer wish to assess. SMI’s customers include many of the world’s leading consumer products manufacturers, Pay TV security companies, Broadcasters and chip manufactures.

SMI was founded in 2003 by executives and senior engineers from DIRECTV Engineering who pioneered Pay TV security.

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